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Our Services in Singapore

Foreign Workers Recruitment included:

  • Sourcing workers for interview.
  • Pre-Selection for workers through interview.
  • Submitting the necessary documentations to Ministry for approval.
  • Arrange for application of Work Permit, S Pass, and Employment Pass.
  • Arrange for renewal of Work Permit, S Pass, and Employment Pass.
  • Arrange for cancellation of Work Permit, S Pass, and Employment Pass.
  • Receive workers at the airport on arrival.
  • Arrange for medical Checkup.
  • Arrange for Medical Insurance and Security Bond.
  • Arrange workers to Work Pass Service Centre (WPSC) taking for thumbprint.
  • Arrange for collection for Work Permit, S Pass, and Employment Pass.
  • Sourcing for accommodation.
  • Orientation for new arrived workers.
  • Provide follow-up services for workers.

Regular Vacancies - Singapore / Malaysia

We do recruiting for the following Categories

  • Master cam Programmer
  • Cad cam / UG Programmer
  • CNC machinist – Turning / Milling
  • PLC engineer
  • Mould Designer
  • Mould Maker
  • Mould Polisher
  • Tool Designer
  • Tool Maker
  • CNC Miller cum programmer
  • EDM Wire cut cum programmer
  • EDM Spark cum programmer
  • Conventional Miller
  • Conventional Turner
  • Grinder – Surface, Cylindrical, Centreless
  • Welders – 6G TIG, MIG
  • Electrical with PLC knowledge
  • Mechanical Maintenance Technician
  • Industrial Automation Engineer
  • Cook / Restaurant manager /
  • Tour Executive / Tour Manager
  • Electronic technician / Electronic Engineer
  • Electrician
  • Production Operator

Recruitment Procedure

Recruitment is the primary functional step for developing a competitive labour force. The process of recruiting employees begins with the employer or with the agency that works on its behalf. Techskills Career Services can assist professionals of any skill level who wish to work in foreign nations, notably the Singapore,Malaysia, Gulf and Middle-East countries, in locating the best suited position for them.

Demand Letter – The employer will formally issue a demand letter in favour of the recruiting firm. The demand letter will include all of the information that an employee is needed to have.

Letter of Authority / Power Of Attorney – The employer firm will issue a letter of authority to the recruiting agency, authorizing it to conduct the selection process on the Principal Company's behalf.

 Employment Agreement – An employment agreement is a standard employment contract between an employer and an employee.

Agency Part:   Selection — Candidates are chosen through an oral or written examination. Entrusted with the responsibility of personnel selection and testing, we typically pick employees with the assistance of a team of specialists for both technical and professional categories, all under the direct supervision of professional executives.

Medical Examination – Following final selection, we refer candidates to the accredited medical centres of the relevant Embassies of the country of employment for examination.

Visa Application – For selected individuals, we will submit visa applications as permitted by the employer.

Ticketing and Emigration – The employer company bears the cost of travel in order to enable the required trip. Additionally, we acquire clearance from the necessary departments for candidates.

Orientation prior to Departure — Before employees fly out of the nation, they receive a basic orientation. The employees are made aware of their roles and responsibilities. Additionally, they receive firsthand knowledge on the work environment. Additionally, they are informed about the country's labour laws.